About Us

Our Objective
To create a safe place that invites serenity and peace. Frankly speaking, life can be everything but peachy. When life gives you, lemons make lemonade. Instead of lemonade we are making candles, and all things to help you get your home lit.
All of our candles are made in small batches and poured by hand. So, what makes us special? We specialize in wooden wick candles and use a mixture of soy wax blend. We have a passion for making candles and enjoy continuing our knowledge about candles. If, you have any questions, please contact us at pottillo.co@gmail.com or on social media. 
Pottillo & Co. is a small family owned and operated business created for our daughter as a way to continue our love. We are located in Baltimore, Maryland. Currently, operate online and frequent Maryland popups. 


Services Offered 

  • Whole sale 
  • Private labeling 
  • Custom candle order 
  • 1:1 candle education 
For inquires please contact us at pottillo.co@gmail.com.