Not Your Ordinary Candle

Pottillo & Co. is a small family business located in Baltimore, Maryland. We deliver high-quality hand-crafted candles to assist with self-maintenance, relaxation, and home décor. Our candles are produced in small batches and hand-poured. Not only are our fragrances handcrafted but we also use a wooden wick to amplify your experience.

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Travel Tins

The cutest little candles you've ever seen! Great for gifts, party favors, shower favors, or stocking stuffers! Perfect for traveling or just trying new scents before buying the larger candle. travel tins are metal containers that come in classic minimalistic white with a candle fill weight of 5 ounces. These adorable candles are now available in every scent from our yummy Sweet Potato to our classic Fresh & Clean. Just click on your desired candle and selecttravel tin.  See you at check out!