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Fresh & Clean Candle

Fresh & Clean Candle

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Fresh & Clean is your Post-Clean Oasis

Imagine the satisfaction of a sparkling clean home, then amplify it tenfold. Fresh & Clean captures that euphoric feeling, transporting you to a haven of serenity with every delicate flame flicker. Breathe in the baby powder's comforting embrace, let the rose and cedar  soothe your worries, and drift away on a cloud of orange blossom and violet. This isn't just a candle, it's your post-clean oasis

Top Notes: Ozone The journey begins with the crisp and uplifting aroma of ozone, reminiscent of a breath of fresh air after summer rain. This invigorating top note sets the stage for a truly revitalizing experience.

Middle Notes: Rose, Orange Blossom, Violet As the candle unfolds, delicate and enchanting floral notes emerge. The sweet embrace of roses, the citrusy allure of orange blossom, and the subtle elegance of violet dance together, creating a bouquet that is both sophisticated and comforting.

Bottom Notes: Powder, Cedar Grounding the fragrance, the base notes of powdery softness and warm cedar bring a sense of tranquility to the composition. The comforting powder notes add a touch of nostalgia, while the rich cedar undertones provide depth and balance.

Reminder: Candle Vessels are made for easy upcycling.  

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