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Box of Matches

Box of Matches

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15 handcrafted sticks of pure flame-summoning magic.

These babies aren't your average drugstore duds. Each match stretches a proud 4 inches, the perfect length to reach even the deepest recesses of your most majestic jar candle. Forget singed fingers and awkward contortions. One smooth strike against the side of the box, and boom – instant sunburst in your favorite scent.

But it's not just about functionality, honey. The matches are here to make a statement. Choose your weapon classic brown, midnight black, lavender, oceanic blue, or Barbie pink. 

These matches aren't just tools, they're tiny torches of personality, ready to turn every candle-lighting ritual into a mini-performance. Strike, watch the flame bloom, and bask in the warm glow of your own damn awesome self.

 Grab a box and get ready to light your life on fire, one beautiful match at a time. Remember, queens don't fumble with lighters, they command the spark.

P.S. Feeling generous? Gift a box to your fellow flame fanatics. These matches are guaranteed to spark joy.

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