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Day Dream

Day Dream

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Step into the radiant embrace of our Day Dream candle, where the sun-drenched allure of sunflowers mingles with a captivating blend of carefully curated notes to create an olfactory symphony that transports you to a blissful summer day with notes of sweet, floral sunflower petals infuses the air with vibrant energy, conjuring images of sunlit meadows and the cheerful dance of these golden blooms under the azure sky.

Top Notes:

 Sunflower, Bergamot & Cassie journey begins with a burst of citrusy freshness as bergamot and cassis join the symphony. The zesty brightness of bergamot and the succulent richness of cassis add a sparkling dimension, mimicking the sun's rays as they play on the petals of sunflowers.

Middle Notes:

As the fragrance evolves, the energizing notes of verbena and the delicate allure of lily unfold. Verbena adds a touch of herbaceous brightness, while lily contributes a floral elegance, creating a bouquet that encapsulates the essence of a sunlit garden.

Bottom Notes:

To ground the fragrance in earthy sophistication, vetiver, and sandalwood take center stage. Vetiver provides depth with its smoky, woody notes, while sandalwood adds a warm and creamy undertone, creating a harmonious balance that anchors the fragrance. With a sensual embrace of amber and musk. These base notes add a touch of warmth and depth, lingering in the air like the golden hues of a summer sunset, inviting you to savor the lingering moments of your Day Dream.


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