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Send Nudes

Send Nudes

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Whether you're setting the mood for a romantic evening or simply seeking a moment of luxurious relaxation, this candle promises to envelop your space in an intoxicating blend of sweetness, smokiness, and warmth. Embrace the art of sensory seduction with The Send Nudes Candle and let its captivating fragrance be the signature scent of your intimate moments. This alluring blend is a tantalizing combination of delectable creamy vanilla, dark brown sugar, and a rich tapestry of smoky, woody, and musky undertones.

Top Notes: Creamy Vanilla, Dark Brown Sugar 

Send Nude opens with a delectable burst of creamy vanilla that captivates the senses. The sweetness of dark brown sugar intertwines with the vanilla, creating an irresistible top note that sets the stage for a seductive olfactory experience.

Middle Notes: Smoky Tobacco, Mahogany Woods

As the candle unfolds, the heart notes reveal a rich and intoxicating blend of smoky tobacco and mahogany woods. The smokiness adds an alluring depth, while the warmth of mahogany contributes to the candle's sophisticated character, creating an ambiance that is both inviting and mysterious.

Base Notes: Mossy, Musky, Ambergris

Grounding the fragrance in sensuality, the base notes of mossy earth, musk, and ambergris create a lingering trail that is as mysterious as it is enchanting. These bottom notes add a touch of complexity and depth, making Send Nudes a fragrance that evolves and unfolds with every moment.

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